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Samsung NPS version 1.5.1 A@w_2 available

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Today I have run NPS after a long time. I have stopped hoping that my i7500 phone will get an update, so I don’t check for new versions anymore. However, I sometimes charge my phone over USB and that is when the NPS runs by itself. Of course, I check the Update icon just in case 🙂 Today I was… Read more »

Learning programming for Android

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Since I own my Samsung Galaxy Android phone I use it a lot. I like the software and since I’m a software author as well, I have decided to try to develop my own application for Android. Actually, I just wanted too see how difficult it is to develop an Android application. I use to develop interesting utilities myself, but… Read more »

Skype 5.0 with Facebook integration

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I’m sure you’ve already heard of the new Skype 5.0 that was released the previous week. The main ‘new’ feature for me (I’m not a heavy Skype user) is the integration with Facebook. By connecting Skype and Facebook you could call Facebook friends, send them SMS messages and view feeds in Skype. You could also post to your wall and… Read more »