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I used to order all my books through Amazon. I live in Slovenia, Europe, so I had to pay international delivery costs and had to wait around three weeks to get my books delivered. Before the New Year my co-worker told me about another on-line store, The Book Depository from the UK. Their prices are somewhat higher than those at Amazon, but here’s the catch: I don’t have to pay for the packaging and for the delivery. Yes, it’s free worldwide and that means that I save up to $9 if I order only one book. If I calculate the final prices I pay at Amazon or Book Depository, those at Amazon are almost higher.

And there are two more advantages of Book Depository because I live in Europe. I guess these two are not as important for US shoppers, but they might be for EU and international ones. The first one is valid for EU shoppers: since the shop is located in the UK, there is no import fees!

The second advantage is that Book depository sends the books by default with first class mail which means that I receive every order in 3 to 5 working days.

Oh, there is a third advantage as well: I can pay with Paypal at Book Depository – something I with I could use at Amazon or even at Google for AdWords.

My review for Book Depository is very positive: fast shipping, I can get an EU TAX invoice, I can pay with PayPal, no import fees, no shipping fees, nice contact at their help e-mail. A complete Win!

It’s a completely new feeling for me to order a book and receive it in a week, and not have to worry about the high costs of shipping. Visit the store and give them a chance.

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