Internet access on holidays

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You’ve probably went to holidays or on a business trip to a foreign country. Sure, you take internet for granted at home or in your office, but when you’re travelling this might not be the case. In these cases you have to go to an internet cafe or find an open hot spot with your own computer.

Another option is to buy the internet service from the hotel where you’re living, but the prices may be pretty high. I have found out, however, that the prices for internet access seem to be higher at the high-end hotels and lower at the low-end hotels. In hostels, motels or inns the internet access seems to be often free.

The highest prices for the internet access I’ve seen in the last year are:

  • 12 EUR / hour: Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – 5 star hotel
  • 10 USD / hour: New York, USA – 5 star hotel
  • 8 USD / hour: Las Vegas, USA – 4 star hotel
  • 6 EUR / hour: Beijing, China – 4 star hotel

What are the highest prices for internet access you’ve seen or even paid?

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