Unread mail gone from GMail

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Since Google has graduated several lab features to GMail I am missing on a feature. I used to be able to type “unr” in the GMail search box and the autocomplete feature of GMail would suggest the “is:unread” option. I’d select it and see all the unread mail in my Inbox.

Well, since the graduation this does not work any more. If I type “unr” now, all I get is “unr – search mail” option. Also, when I type “unread” and press Enter key for search, the mails are searched for actual appearance of the text “unread”.

I’m sure this feature was here before and I liked it and used all the time. It simplified the process of finding unread mails in my Inbox which is how I use my GMail.

If you’re a fan of bookmarks, you can bookmark the URL for the search results page of your GMail that shows only the unread messages:


Use this link for GMail for Apps:


However, I still miss a link or button in GMail to show only the unread messages quick.

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