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Today, October 1st, I have started a new job. I have started my own company called Mihov.com web solutions ltd and as of today I am fully employed. It is my dream come true! This will enable me to do things I love, do them when I feel like to do them, follow my ideas and create products out of them, focus on the research I think is important and makes me feel good.

This is a natural step forward in the path that I have started in 1997 when I have first published a program called Mihov HTMLjar on a site that later became Miha’s utilities – Mihov Freeware. This program is not available any more, but there are 20 other (mainly free) programs that are still there and have been downloaded more than 5 million times worldwide. My path continued to the creation of dedicated websites for the most popular programs (Image Resizer, Picture Downloader, Mail Sender and others), creating a special brand called Magic Project Software for my shareware programs and starting a brand Cool Circles Software that I never really finished like I intended. On this path I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about freeware and shareware markets, about web site creation, about search engine optimization and web marketing. After I graduated from Computer and Information Science I started to work for a big Slovenian company. In more than seven years that I worked there, I have gained a lot of knowledge about project management, developing large enterprise web applications, Slovenian government and leading teams of software developers, system analysts and testers. All this time I have tried to keep and grow the knowledge I had about the web and I think I succeeded.

Through the years of hard work the desire to follow the path I have started in 1997 grew in me. I’ve had great ideas that I didn’t have time or energy to start, I’ve had great projects and products that I didn’t have time to finish and I’ve had the desire to become an entrepreneur and try my skills in business. In 2009 I have finished my masters studies in the field of Business Informatics where I got further knowledge of  business that an entrepreneur needs to start successfully. I have started my own company, set my plans, finished the work in the company where I worked until now, had a long vacation and gained back the energy I lost.

It’s hard to tell where my path will go from now on. I will focus on developing my company at a steady growth, and to navigate it in directions that keep me happy. The services we offer as a company are the things where we’re good at: solving problems with the help of custom made software, search engine optimization, project management for web related projects, web application development and internet marketing. This will be our main direction for at least half a year. If you need such services don’t hesitate to contact us. We promise to deliver great services and a very positive experience.

I hope my first day as self-employed will be fun, productive and will provide a great base for many, many more days like this to come.

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