A visit by a Google employee

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Today I attended a lecture by a visiting Google employee, a former student at the Faculty of computer and information science in Ljubljana, my college. He’s Slovenian too so the lecture was even more interesting for me. The lecture was in Ljubljana at the Faculty of computer and information science. The lecture was short, but there were a lot of… Read more »

Happy New Year… and scheduled posts in WordPress

Dear reader of this blog, I’d like to wish you Happy New Year 2010 now that it’s started! May the year be interesting, without stress, full of love, and should bring you new challenges that you’ll be able to resolve easily. You may have noticed that the date of this post is January 1st, 2010. The time of the post… Read more »

Searching through WordPress posts

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In addition to the first SEO plugins I have installed and another one I have also installed one for better user experiance. The plugin named Search Unleashed enables WordPress to highlight search terms in search results when a user searches through the posts on the blog. Useful and it works and it even shows you stats of used search terms… Read more »