Happy New Year… and scheduled posts in WordPress

Dear reader of this blog, I’d like to wish you Happy New Year 2010 now that it’s started! May the year be interesting, without stress, full of love, and should bring you new challenges that you’ll be able to resolve easily.

You may have noticed that the date of this post is January 1st, 2010. The time of the post is 00:01, which means one minute after the new year has started. I hope you don’t really think that I started writing it five minutes before midnight and finished it a minute after. I have better things to do on New Years eve, so I have used something called a scheduled post in WordPress.

After writing your article, instead of publishing the post right away, select publish date. You can enter any date and time you want (in the past or in the future) and the post will get published on that day and time exactly. This way you can (almost) write your blog and be at the New Years party at the same time, without actually writing a blog on that party.

So… Party on in 2010!

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