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A large portion of my income from Miha’s utilities software is paid by Paypal. The service is easy to use, easy to understand and safe. I understand that many people use PayPal rather than giving my other service provider SWreg their credit card. That’s their choice, really, as long as that doesn’t stop them from purchasing a program or donation for the free programs and my work.

I am getting a lot of question about PayPal here in Slovenia. Our country is not for long on the supported list of countries and people aren’t used to use PayPal. Well, if I count the questions I get, there’s more people involving. And they should. As said before, paying is easy, and so’s the other side of that: getting paid. Getting paid by PayPal is a very interesting option: the same advantages go here. The (international) users are familiar with Paypal, are not afraid to use it and… it’s simple to use. All in favor of businesses who want to sell more.

But in Slovenia getting the money out of PayPal can still be hard. Here you can get the money only by paying it out on your card and only two card types are supported: one is Visa and the other is MasterCard debit card (or a ‘debit card with a MasterCard logo’). Visa is pretty common here, but MasterCard comes only as credit card as far as I know. So the only option to get the money out of PayPal is to get a Visa card from one of the banks and link it to your PayPal account. The money withdrawn from PayPal (minus 2 EUR fee, of course) gets to the account in three days. It can be withdrawn from the bank and the process is finished. One funny thing though: on the monthly statement from Visa all purchases have a positive number (and are subtracted from the account total), and the PayPal transaction has a negative number (because it is added to the account total).

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