Connecting Windows XP to Windows 7

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My girlfriend just bought her new EEE (it’s 1101HA, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard disk, black) with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. I also own an EEE, but it’s from the first series (701, 4 GB SSD disk, no hard disk, Xandros OS). I was trying to upload some free programs to my girlfriend’s EEE from my desktop computer… Read more »

WordPress feeds in XML

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I have just thought about the feeds in XML for Google Reader or similar readers. I was not sure if WordPress has this feature or not. As it turn out, the feed is generated automatically and nothing needs to be done. The URL to the feed is /feed, so in my case this is Try it yourself! The feed… Read more »

My girlfriends Asus EEE

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The following post is a cross post from my other blog about My Asus EEE nettop computer and is available here directly. I thought it was interesting to compare how a battery of a laptops can last almost longer than my mobile phone’s Samsung Galaxy i7500 battery does. My girlfriend was thrilled about my (or better our) EEE. I can… Read more »