Wifi adapter review from AliExpress – Comfast CF-WU710N V2.0 plus driver

I have recently bought an USB WiFi adapter from AliExpress. I have received it after 75 (!) days and I was surprised to see that it comes with a CD-ROM with a driver. Even more, I had to install the driver in order to make it work. Since I’m good with losing drivers, I decided to upload the driver here for future use – and even better if someone else needs it and finds it here too.

The adapter is named Comfast CF-WU710N V2.0 and it’s supposed to work with standards 802.11 a/b/g/n and achieve speeds up to 150Mbps.


Yes, you need a special driver for this dongle. It’s not plug and play, but the driver comes with the dongle on a CD. There is a slight problem if your computer doesn’t have a working CD-ROM unit, but I managed to find the drivers online.

I was able to find the (official) site in English. There’s also a link to download the drivers there, but that page is in Chinese. There is also a direct link to download the driver as a RAR archive (55 MB).

Because I know the sites with drivers disappear, I have created a mirror of this driver that can be downloaded from a cloud drive here: Comfast CF-WU710N V2.0 driver mirror

Setup and installation

The archive includes installers for Windows, Mac and Linux and the installers include the drivers and the Wifi utility or “Mediatek Wireless Utility” software. You will use this software to setup the password and the connection.

Mediatek Wireless Utility

Clicking the Search button will open a list of all found Wifi networks:

List of all found Wifi networks, the standards they support and signal strength

The package and CD-ROm comes with instructions on how to connect.

Quick instructions that come together with CD-ROM

After you set it up, it works perfectly even without running the Wireless Utility. The connection will just show up like with built-in wifi adapter in Windows taskbar and you can use it as usual. If you are using wired and wireless connection at the same time, only one will be active (usually wired, unless it has no internet connection).


The Wi-fi dongle works great. It’s small so it’s barely visible, but it makes your computer able to connect to Wifi even if it has no built-in wifi adapter. Most of desktop computers don’t have those adapters, so it’s perfect.

Now that I have installed it and made a copy of the driver, I don’t plan of using the CD-ROM, so I have freely throw it away.

Was this a good buy?


Apart from waiting for 75 days for it to be delivered, the performance and price are just what I needed. So go ahead and give it a try!

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