Some Corona time jokes

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I thought to translate and share some of the jokes that are circling around Slovenia in these Coronavirus ridden times. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine. Or as we say it now in these hard times, laughter is half the medicine, social distancing is the other half.

I have never thought that my hands will consume more alcohol than my mouth!


Why doesn’t Chuck Norris wear a mask and gloves? Because the virus is distancing him at least 2 meters.


Maids also started working from home. They send house owners e-mails with the lists what needs to be done.


Newspaper title in 1980: In the year 2020 people will drive flying cars and have vacations on Mars.
Newspaper title in 2020: Toilet paper arrives to the stores tomorrow.


Easter is postponed until indefinitely. Jesus is held in quarantine.


Unbelievable! A guy eats a bat in China, and I lose my job here in Slovenia.


Two Chinese cooks in Wuhan talk in the kitchen in 2019:
“I think this bat isn’t cooked enough.”
The other one says:
“Let it be, it’s not like it’s gonna be the end of the world because of that.”


Police issues a warning:
Running from police is NOT considered social distancing!


The times are weird… The notice on the bank says: “You can enter only by wearing mask and gloves!”


Some Corona time jokes


If you’re bored at home, please write the jokes from your country in the comments.

Stay safe and healthy!

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