Resizing digital photos was never easier

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Originally posted on on April 24, 2013.

Magic Image Resizer is a professional tool for resizing digital images in JPG (JPEG), GIF and BMF formats. It can resize several images with only one click and you can select the output size in pixels. Because of its small size you can transfer it to your cameras’ memory card and use it when you are travelling. The resized images are put in a subfolder “Resized” and original images are available for any further processing just where they were.

Price of the program with a full license is only $10 and you get 30 days free testing period before you decide to purchase. No credit card needed for that!

You can subscribe to the Magic Image Resizer list and you will receive an e-mail every time a new update of a program is released. Links to other interesting sites, such as Magic Project Software, Magic Calendar Maker or Pictures of Krystal Tini from Beauty and the Geek can be viewed on the “Sites of Interest” tab.

Magic Image Resizer is available as free download.



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