Holiday or working holiday?

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I was thinking if I should take my notebook with me on my vacations. I have seen that the internet is available (wireless in the hotel lobby and in the cafes) for free, so it should be a good thing to take my notebook with me. Except – would this still be a vacation? Would I rest as much as without it? Would I just take a look at the mails, at what is going on in the world, at what’s new with my friends? Or is it better that I unplug myself for a week and try to get my strength back, maybe get a new idea or two and start working after the holidays full of enthusiasm and superpowers?

If I had a Kindle (but I don’t yet) or a device that was still not invented I would probably take them with me. Would that make my holiday a working holiday? Probably, which means that these devices should be taken to holidays with a great responsibility and self control – or holidays become just working from abroad.

Maybe this isn’t true for everyone, but it sure is for workaholics and people that are under a lot of stress and are on their way to get burnt-out. Don’t do it, use your holiday for resting.

Which reminds me of my mobile smart phone: it has wifi, it has e-mail, it has a browser. I wonder what can happen with my holidays. For once, it’s a good thing that the screen is small and the battery doesn’t last long.

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