List of my Slovenian domain names

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I have registered some Slovenian domain names (these are the domain s ending with .si). I have had some before, now I have bought some because of their good names to put relevant sites on them.

These are the domains that I have owned before:

The new domains that have in my opinion interesting names are not fully set up yet. I am still researching the content I will put on them and publish them publicly:

  • – This domain was used for setting up the Bestseller site as a testing and proof of concept domain.
  • – I will use this domain name for setting up a Slovenian tourist information page about the interesting locations in Europe.
  • – Still has no content.
  • – This will be a site with a paying high-class sites directory, where my customers and their services will get published at the beginning, then it will slowly open for public.
  • – This ia site about Mexico, Mexican food in Slovenia and Mexico related travel.

What so you think about my domain names and my services? In which direction so you think I should expand them?

If you’re interested in Slovenian domain names take a look at the Slovenian domain names directory that I run.

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