Battery time research on my Samsung Galaxy i7500

Since I’m deeply disappointed in battery time of my Samsung Galaxy i7500 smart phone I have decided to measure and compare the results of my phone’s battery life with other owners of this same model. I have fixed the first battery issue I had so these results are measured without using the original pouch.

My methodology of measuring battery life is simple. Every time before I start charging the phone I save two values: the time phone ran since last charge in hours and the current level of battery left in percent. Both values are reported by the phone itself and are not measured by me. The other rule I have is that if the battery level is higher than 50% at the evening when I go to sleep I won’t charge the phone. If the battery level is bellow 50%, I will end the measurement and charge the phone.

The phone is turned on all the time, including during the night. Data synchronization is always turned on, I use only 2G networks, Wi-fi is turned off, GPS is turned off and Bluetooth is turned off. I use my phone for calls, messaging, reading e-mail and some browsing. Most of the time I’m in the area where the signal strength is strong (all bars).

I have been doing my research for two weeks now and here are the first results:

Time without chargingBattery level after time without charging
52h13%, then after a call jumped to 33%; after a few minutes jumped to 22%; then back to 13% soon; finally: 53h, 0%

As you can see from the table the results are pretty low. The longest battery time I got was 78 hours after which the phone was dead. In working days this means that the phone worked for 3 days and then let me down on the fourth day. The average battery time I got out of my Samsung Galaxy i7500 in these two weeks was 61 hours, which is 2 and a half days. The result is pretty realistic – sometimes I have to charge my phone after two days and sometimes after three days – sometimes it lets me down in the middle of the day.

Compared to 422 hours of standby by time or 8,2 hours of calling time specified by the seller my results are pretty lame. Compared to other users of this phone my results are a little above average.

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