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Google is gradually changing graphic design

As you might have noticed with several Google products and services the graphic design of the user interface is changing. When Google+ was published in the end of June 2011, it showed how the new Google will look like. Since then several services have changed their look or at least offer the user to choose between the old and the… Read more »

Solution for today’s Google Spreadsheet downtime

As I wrote today Google Spreadsheets were down for several hours (and still are for some users who are getting the “Trying to reach…” error ). If you are still experiencing this error there is a workaround that works for me. If you have Firebug add-on in your browser (Firefox or Chrome) follow these steps: Open your browser and… Read more »

Google Spreadsheets down for several hours today

As a company we rely heavily on Google Docs. We have all our documents in the cloud and use them from several locations. Today, however, the working day started with a lemon: Google Spreadsheets refused their obedience. The documents were there, they have opened, but we were not able to edit them. After a quick search for the error “Trying… Read more »