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Google Buzz for Apps and Mobile

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I was glad when I first read about Google Buzz, a few days old social service from Google. This should in opinion replace the need for Facebook as a separate application and the need for Twitter at all. Google integrated Buzz into Gmail, which is a very clever idea. This way they don’t need to ‘steal’ users from other networks… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy i7500 battery issue – solved!

Recently I wrote about the problems with my Samsung Galaxy i7500 and the problems with Ram2 service center. Over the New Year holidays I’ve had time so I decided to finally find out what seems to be the problem on my brand new Android phone and why the battery drians out so quickly. By reading a lot of forums with… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy i7500 firmware update to I7500XXII7

Some time ago I wrote about my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy i7500. I have had some issues with the battery so one of the things I did was to update the firmware. I wrote about that on one of my sites while testing Joomla installation, I am reposting the article here to let you know about my… Read more »