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If you also recently read the book Lost Symbol by the great author Dan Brown you’ve surely asked yourself whether  noetics really exists or is it just a work and the idea of fiction. Surely you haven’t put the book down just to check this on the web. Well, I have finished reading my book and have done this research for you.

The bottom line is that noetics really exists. It’s defined by the definition bellow.

Noetics is a branch of metaphysical philosophy, which deals with the study of reason and intuition, and their links with the common intellect. Noetics is a theory which examines the impact of (human) mind to the physical world.

Certainly an interesting science, the results of which would radically change the world as we know it if they will be relevant. The Institute of Noetic Sciences in California works with noetics. Their main field of the research are to discover the potential and capabilities of human consciousness, and deal with phenomena such as ideas, beliefs, and other intuitions.

So noetics is true and there are people in the world researching it. To my knowledge, the largest study on this topic was conducted at Princeton University in 1979, which later grew into The Global Consciousness Project. It is interesting that the results of this study (more than thirty years ago!) were fascinating and almost unbelievable (statistically looking at them), but there is no change in our minds. Also, our perception of the rules of the world hasn’t changed either.

To get started with noetics you can read the article in Wikipedia and of course the great book Lost symbol by Dan Brown.

3 thoughts on “Noetics is real

  1. Marilyn Schlitz

    Enjoyed this article and want to assure you that noetic science is alive, well and very much living in the world of the here and now. Check out our website at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and learn more about all the ways that consciousness matters–and how we are studying it:

  2. Post author

    My sources are quoted and linked in the article, so they should be easy to find and do some further noetics related research on-line.

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