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Google Chrome uses much more memory than Firefox

I think of myself as a heavy Firefox user. I use the latest version of the browser (3.6.8) and a preview version of Firefox 4 with a different profile for testing and evaluating purposes. I have always opened two stable versions of Firefox with two different profiles at the same time (by using the -no-remote directive when running it). In… Read more »

Firefox 4.0 beta4 (pre) is here

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After some quite successful preview releases of Firefox 4.0 the brand new version beta4 preview is here. I have written a few words about beta1 and beta2pre, I have skipped beta3pre because I found no speed improvements but now I’m ready to share my thoughts on beta4pre. Have in mind that this is a preview release of a beta and… Read more »

‘File is corrupt’ error while installing Firefox

Today I have tried to install a new version of Firefox to my girlfriends Asus EEE that I already wrote about. I downloaded the latest version FF 3.6.6 setup file from Mozilla site and tried to run it on Windows 7. I was surprised when I got the error message while extracting files that the ‘file is corrupt’. I couldn’t… Read more »