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Firefox 4.0 beta 11 pre-relase

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Firefox 4.0 beta11 pre-release¬† (b11pre) is rolling out. According to the Mozilla roadmap the final beta11 will be released this week. Note that this will be the last beta – from here on there will be one or more release candidate (RC) versions, followed by final Firefox 4.0. Can’t wait to start using it, or better, to start tweaking it… Read more »

Considering Firefox 4.0b10pre as my primary browser

Today I have again updated to the latest preview release of Firefox4.0b9. It’s dated January 20th, 2011 and it seems pretty stable and fast. I have played a little more with it and its new features and a thought has gone through my mind: Am I ready to switch to Firefox 4.0 now? The question is more complex as it… Read more »

Firefox 4.0 beta 10pre available

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After the release of the final Firefox 4 beta 9 the new beta 10 pre (4.0b10pre) is available from the nightly downloads. It looks like 10 or 11 will be the last beta, after that Mozilla will release from one to three release candidate (RC) versions. After RC versions follows the actual release of Firefox 4.0, which the Firefox public… Read more »