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Speed of Firefox 5.0 compared to Chrome 14

Today Firefox 5.0 was released. Since there are not many visible changes I have decided to test the speed again and compare it to the speed of Chrome. I am using Firefox 5.0 final and Chrome 14.0.797.0 dev-m versions. Here are the results of the Kraken 1.1 test: Firefox: 8506.5ms +/- 3.6% Chrome:  6535.9ms +/- 6.9% Here are the results… Read more »

Firefox 5.0 released!

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Mozilla has taken the new roadmap that plans for more releases seriously. The effect of that is that today Firefox 5.0 was released. It should be faster, easier to use and more secure. On the first glance I haven’t found any striking differences compared to Firefox 4.0.1, so the changes are mainly under the hood. Firefox 5 is already available… Read more »

Firefox 4 release candidate 2 (RC2) released

Ten days after the first Firefox 4 release candidate the second one (RC2) was released. According to Mozilla milestones this is the last release candidate before the final release of Firefox 4 that will take place on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. So what’s new in RC2? According to Mozilla Wiki “Two very small, very isolated fixes in order to better… Read more »