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Wifi adapter review from AliExpress – Comfast CF-WU710N V2.0 plus driver

I have recently bought an USB WiFi adapter from AliExpress. I have received it after 75 (!) days and I was surprised to see that it comes with a CD-ROM with a driver. Even more, I had to install the driver in order to make it work. Since I’m good with losing drivers, I decided to upload the driver here… Read more »

Huawei B593 4G LTE router (Speedport II) firmware update version V200R001B180D40SP05C748 available

Huawei B593 router, also known as Telekom Speedport LTE 2 / II in Germany, is getting a firmware upgrade. This has been the first upgrade that I have received in years, so I wonder what it will bring. What’s the new version number? I’m not sure how Huawei numbers their 4G router updates, but I see two versions. One is… Read more »