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Firefox 32-bit vs Firefox 64-bit

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I was excited to try the new 64 bit Firefox as I read the news that it was released as a final version. After all, I’m using 64 bit Windows for some years now, and browsers have been very late to release their 64 bit versions. Read on how I compared if Firefox works better in 32 or 64 bit… Read more »

Most popular web browser?

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This week there has been a lot of news about Chrome passing Internet Explorer as the most popular browser. This was supposed to happen in the week ending May 20, so I have decided to check this on my own sites and for the same week. I chose some of the sites that have the most traffic so the numbers… Read more »

New Magic Project releases

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Just before the end of the year 2011 Magic Project Software has released two updates to their software, Magic Calendar Maker and Magic Matching Color. Magic Calendar Maker version 3.3 is a small shareware utility to help create one month printed or electronic calendars. It’s super easy to use: all the user needs to do is select the month and… Read more »